Somebody of you know that we actually use FunnelWeb. Don't get me wrong, it is a good blog engine, but it's buggy, and it is a playground.

I like opensource projects, and i like to contribute to FunnelWeb to make it a better blog engine. But my spare time is really, ...hmm rare? I try to make the best out of this problem and try to write a blog engine (oh no, not another one) that uses all the XPO/XAF/WebApi/WebMvc/Unity/DI/async/await features i blogged about earlier and get the thing into a real working application.

Some facts i want to keep in mind when i implement this thing:

  • I like to import (or even better, reuse) the existing database of funnelweb
  • I will create this in TDD (from the first to the last line of code)
  • I will create a full blown XAF/XPO/WebApi/WebMvc application
  • I like to manage the whole thing out of XAF
  • I like to create a API that allows me easily to import (or communicate) with other engines
  • I will follow clean-coder
  • I will share this code open-source
  • I have to use TFSService or TFS with GIT or TFS-SCC
  • I like to use Continious deployment
  • I like that other XAF users can contribute, and are able to learn from my experiences
  • I like code kata's & I like trains ;)

In the next weeks i will try to code every WE till this thing is done.

Your help, thoughts, meanings and other ideas are welcome!

Thanks, Manuel