As you maybe know, writing blog posts is really fun, and i try to blog as often as I can. My New Year's resolution is to try to blog at least twice per week. But it is also very time consuming. For the last 2 blog posts i needed almost a week to write, cause i really build the projects i blog about. Also keeping the infrastructure running (Build-Server, Webspace, Domain) costs time and money.

Cause i left my old company, I'm currently not actively building software with DevExpress components anymore. But I'm proud to be an DevExpress MVP and like the community, so I will keep on blogging about it, and try to help the community in the support center as best as I possible can. Also I try to give feedback to the XAF and XPO Team from time to time.

Another goal for me is to provide all my stuff i learned about XAF and Concepts i introduced (DependencyInjection, ModelBuilders, Modularity, and other advanced stuff) as open-source on github, and maybe on nuget as seperate packages. Maintaining this stuff is a lot of work. Unfortunately, the rent does not pay by itself, so i decided to open an Patreon account.

I'm not begging for any money here. Of course, the content I put online remains free. But if you like the stuff I put online and like to see a lot more posts send me a dollar or two, it really helps out.

Of course all supporters will also get a return. For example we can discuss about the next topic, or maybe a module i put online. I've worked with XAF for almost the last 10 years, consulted several companies on migrating existing solutions over to XAF or helping them with complete new projects. I doubt that there is anything that I have not solved yet. Solving all kinds of problems in a very modular and reusable way was always my main goal when building software with XAF.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this idea!

With lovely greetings to all my readers and the whole DevExpress community,